Graco’s Verb Click Connect Baby Stroller – Wheels That Lock & Swivel

Graco Verb Click Connect Single Baby Stroller

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The Graco Verb Click Connect stroller is a great stroller for a growing family that is sure to be with you for many years. The Verb has the best stroller wheels rolling! The patented Click Connect technology makes traveling with your infant car seat hassle free and safe. The one-hand, self-standing fold action makes stowing or carrying the Verb convenient as well.


You’ll maneuver much easier on the road ahead with the front wheels that not only swivel but lock in place. Now when things speed up or for other safety reasons you can lock the front wheels in place for better stability. There are also many great extras included with the Graco Verb. The safety harness can be converted from a five-point to a three-point configuration very easily. The canopy is retractable with a peek-a-boo window for viewing your little sleeping one. And the seat has a partial recline option to give your child some added comfort as well.


You and your baby will enjoy the convenience of both the child tray and parent tray too! Caring for the Verb is easy as well. The frame and fabric pieces can be easily cleaned with mild detergents. In addition to the wonderful features Graco has designed into this exceptional stroller there are some great accessories available to make your traveling experience much easier. Read below for more details.
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Graco Verb Click Connect Highlighted Features:

-Locking Front-Swivel Wheels
-Large Canopy w/ Peek-a-boo Window
-Parent and Child Trays
-10lbs Cargo Basket
-Three or Five-point Harness Conversion Opt.
A brief summary of the features available on the Graco Verb.

Locking Front-Swivel Wheels

The Verb is equipped with a suspension system that will ensure you and your baby have the best, smooth ride possible. With the locking front-swivel wheels you’ll be able to handle all the curves and sudden turns you may encounter while still offering a great, comfortable experience. And the locking front-swivel wheels will ensure a stable ride when the speed of the pace warrants it. Many lightweight strollers offer swivel wheels but the Graco Verb is one that also delivers on locking front-swivel wheels too. These are the best stroller wheels on the market.

The front-swivel wheels were just covered but what about the rear wheels? In addition to the mentioned locking front-swivel wheels there is an easy to use brake on the rear wheels. Simply step on the pedal and you can attend to whatever you need to and not worry about a runaway baby stroller.


Retractable Canopy Design

You and your little one will enjoy the large, retractable canopy that offers protection from the sun as well as the wind too. And for those times you want to check up on your little rider the peek-a-boo window will allow you to keep a watchful eye on your VIP passenger. And your VIP will also benefit from a reclining seat. Now you can let them relax and enjoy the ride!

Spacious Cargo Basket

The cargo basket that comes with the Graco Verb Click Connect is designed to hold up to 10lbs(4.5kg) of whatever you may need, groceries, extra blankets, diapers, bottles or a fury companion. Everyone can have fun with the Verb!

Three or Five-Point Safety Harness Option

As your child grows maybe you notice the five-point harness is excessive. The Graco Verb’s safety restraint is easily switched from the five-point version to a three-point harness with no trouble.

Parent Tray and Child Tray

Traveling with a stroller shouldn’t prevent you or your baby from bringing all those small extra items you seem to long for while out and about. The Graco Verb has you both covered. The child tray on the Graco Verb will let your baby bring all those toys and snacks for the ride ahead and you can bring your phone and that beverage too. Graco knows your get thirsty while strolling too!

Care, Maintenance and Accessories

The Graco Verb Click-Connect stroller is a very easy stroller to maintain and care for. Following Graco’s simple recommendations will ensure you have this great stroller for many years to come. The fabric pieces are easily hand washable with a mild, baby-safe detergent and when it’s time to grease a squeaky wheel use a silicone, food safe lubricant such as CRC. Keeping these wheels the best stroller wheels is easy with a little care.

If the stroller wasn’t enough to make your traveling a pleasant experience Graco also offers some great additional accessories you can purchase. There is the Nautilus™ 80 Elite 3-in-1 Car Seat. This wonderful car seat is designed for children 22lbs to 120lbs and is available in three different color schemes. For children in the 40lbs to 100lbs range there is the Backless TurboBooster® Car Seat. This great option will give your child a boost so you can keep an eye on them.


There is also two cup holders on the booster seat as well. To make the Graco Verb Click Connect a truly wonderful travel system too there is the SnugRide® Click Connect™ 35 Infant Car Seat. This car seat is crash tested and is Safe Seat Engineered for peace of mind. You can choose from three different color schemes for this infant car seat.   


If you’re looking for a great single stroller with many wonderful extras such as the peek-a-boo window on the canopy or locking front-swivel wheels then the Graco Verb Click Connect is the stroller for you. Not only are you buying a sleek and stylishly designed stroller but you’ll get Graco’s great customer service too. Purchase your Verb today and see why many parents rate this exceptional stroller so highly.


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