Maclaren Techno XT 50th Anniversary Spitfire

Maclaren Techno XT 50th Anniversary Spitfire

Techno XT Spitfire


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It’s time to take your little pilot to the skies and defend freedom! Maclaren’s replica Spitfire stroller is great for those weekend trips with your ace in the cockpit. Inspired by founder Owen Maclaren, who was a British test pilot and was also part of the team that designed the World War II fighter’s landing gear, the Maclaren 50th anniversary Techno XT Spitfire is a great stroller for all the World War II fighter plane enthusiasts. This one of a kind stroller will have you feeling nostalgic for those famous World War II dog fights during the Battle of Britain.

Frame & Tires

The Techno XT stroller not only has the look of a fighter plane its frame is made from aircraft grade aluminum. And landings are easy with the solid, EVA rubber wheels that will make it feel your little one is rolling on air. Another great feature is the lockable front wheels for those times the road and speed demand it for safety.

Safety and Design

The compact dual wheel configuration is great for city travel and will have you flying with ease from street to street. The lightweight frame makes carrying the stroller easy when folded. The base configuration nearly weighs 16lbs which makes carrying and loading the stroller effortless. Once folded there is a carry handle you can use too. The ergonomic grip handles are adjustable as well for pushers of most heights. The seat can be reclined to four positions and is adjusted with one hand. There’s a great under seat shopping basket that can hold over 2lbs of whatever you may need on your flight.

Baby Comfort and Ready for Take-off!

Your baby will not only be flying in style but they will be comfortable too. The Techno XT has an extendable leg rest and comes with headhugger and shoulder pads for added protection. Equipped in the cockpit is a standard five-point harness that can be adjusted as your baby grows. And the universal carrycot available from Maclaren can be used on this frame as well. The brake on the wheels is a simple foot pedal design. And the canopy comes with a sun visor for those bright sunny days. The canopy is also rated at 50+ UPF protection too.

Care, Maintenance and Accessories

Aircraft maintenance is a big job. But the maintenance and care for the Techno XT Spitfire isn’t such a big job. Maclaren recommends you have an annual inspection every 12 months and if anything needs replacement you should only use Maclaren parts. In the event you need to lube a squeaky wheel CRC’s food grade silicone spray is a great spray lube to use. Do not use any petroleum based lube products on your stroller. Cleaning the fabric is easy as well. Just follow the labels instructions and allow to air dry.

Maclaren has your accessories needs covered from take-off to landing. Included with the Techno XT is most of what you need extra to keep the skies safe and friendly. On rainy days your flight won’t be grounded with the included raincover. Made of clear plastic so you can see in and your fighter pilot can see out. Some options include the mosquito net for those days when pests are taking to the air too. Another great option available is an included footmuff for the cold and windy days ahead. And for the co-pilot doing all the work there’s a great cup holder that can handle up to 1 lbs of fuel.


The Maclaren Techno XT will have your ready for high-flying adventures and feeling victorious as you stroll the road in the 50th Anniversary Spitfire. With this stroller Maclaren has you cleared for take-off and ready to roll.


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    I’m not having a baby (71 years young, lol) but I definitely know someone that could use this

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