Mutsy Evo Urban Nomad Stroller

Mutsy Evo Urban Nomad Stroller

Mutsy Evo Baby Stroller








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The Mutsy Evo Urban Nomad baby stroller is your practical stroller solution with a magical, cutting edge feel. As you and your new little one stroll the world with the Evo you’ll experience the excitement and thrill of moving safely with a sleek, stylish stroller that will make you the envy of all parents. A robust frame design and wheels made to take any road condition will provide you peace of mind and comfort to your most precious cargo. The Evo comes with a sturdy suspension and ball bearing wheels for a superior ride. The front wheels can swivel full circle and still be locked when the road or speed require it. A handle that is fully adjustable and foot rest too. The Evo will accommodate your child as the years go by. Seating is reversible and capable of reclining 165 degrees for newborns with the addition of a leg rest barrier. The many stylish and sleek options will have you feeling dangerously edgy while keeping your baby safe and sound.

Frame & Tires

The frame and suspension found on the Evo is innovative, practical and safe for you and your baby. The frame is made from attractive lightweight aluminum and is available in two distinct finishes. You can get the Evo frame finished in either the sleek silver option or a beautiful flat black option. When it’s time to fold and store the Evo frame you can remove the wheels to fit it many close fit spaces. Carrying the collapsed Evo is an easy one hand operation the frame only weighs just 18 pounds. With the seat it bumps up to 26 pounds.

The wheel and tire design on the Evo Urban is cutting edge and practical. There’s no need to worry about flat tires as the tires are solid rubber meant to take any road surface. An innovative and attractive wheel design makes this stroller a luxury to roll with.

Fabric and Design

The fabric found on your Mutsy Evo is of a high quality blend that will last. Not only is it durable but there are two elegant colors to choose from, dark gray and light gray. Both options are accented with a cognac brown leather to add a little magic!

The Mutsy Evo is your birth to toddler solution. Not only is it stylish and practical it’s versatile too! You can use your Evo with many different options such as:

  • Pram Body
  • Buggy seat with hood and bumper bar
  • The Micro AP, Micro NXT and Prezi Maxi-Cosi car seats
  • The SnugRide Classic, SnugRide Click Connect 40 Graco car seats


Space, Safety and Travel

The Mutsy Evo Urban comes standard with a five-point adjustable harness to keep your baby riding safely. Pushing the Evo is like walking on air.

The wheel brake system found on the Mutsy Evo Urban stroller is an easy to use brake. Simply set the brake with one foot by depressing the pedal found at the center of the rear axle. To release the brake flip up the pedal with one foot as well.

Baby Comfort and Fun for Everyone!

Not only does this exquisite baby stroller look great on the outside but your little one will ride in comfort while inside. There are four seat position available and the foot and leg rest supports can be raised or lowered as well. The seat can face forward or reverse. And for you the push bar is height adjustable so you can push with ease and comfort.

Exceptional Mutsy Service and Accessories

The Evo Urban stroller is as easy to maintain as it is to use. Regular inspection of the frame locking mechanisms should be done and a Teflon spray is recommended to lubricate the locking mechanism. The wheel axles should be greased with acid-free lube and never use a petroleum based oil for lubricating the wheel axles.

Cleaning the removable fabric pieces should be done by hand with a mild detergent in water no warmer than 30 degrees C. Mutsy recommends against using a washing machine or dryer for cleaning the delicate fabric parts.

Mutsy has a great selection of baby stroller accessories to keep your magic rolling and your baby safe. You can learn more about the great Mutsy baby stroller accessories here.

Mutsy doesn’t offer a specific lubricant to keep your stroller rolling but a great food grade silicone based spray is CRC 3040. Not only is it food grade but it is harmless to most plastics and rubber.

The Mutsy Evo Urban Nomad stroller is not only a practical solution but one that will keep your magic moving and the fun rolling! You and your baby deserve a high quality and safe stroller that will be able to keep up with your busy life and your growing baby. The Mutsy Evo will be your long term solution!