Orbit Baby Limited Edition Porter Collection G3 Luxury Stroller

Orbit Baby’s Limited Edition Porter Collection G3 Baby Stroller Travel System

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The Limited Edition Porter Collection G3 luxury stroller from Orbit Baby will have you feeling nostalgic for a bygone era. Inspired by vintage luggage juxtaposed with modern design elements you will enjoy strolling with this sophisticated baby travel system. The Porter has the best stroller frame design.

Beautifully finished with a vintage-style fabric selection you and your baby will feel diplomatic by the conversations the Porter will illicit as you stroll with this eye-catching design. Orbit Baby created the Porter from their already successful G3 baby stroller system. The Porter G3 gives you an opportunity to own a very unique baby stroller made of high quality standards. You will be the envy of every parent as you and your baby travel with this beautiful baby stroller. You will get a sense of the craftsmanship and durability of this stroller once you begin moving. You’ll enjoy the best stroller frame design.
The ergonomic handles and durable frame design will give you complete control without much effort. So enjoy the ride!

The SmartHub™ technology unique to Orbit Baby strollers will have you and your baby feeling secure and safe for all your adventures ahead.

Covered in Elegance

Covered in elegantly stylish heather grey twill and accented with black leatherette the Porter G3 will turn heads and prompt curiosity where ever you and your little one go! The optional car seat base is an added great feature that will let you know your car seat is safe and ready to roll in whatever mode of transportation you may be using. An easy to set braking system make the Orbit Baby G3 a safe choice.

Orbit Baby not only cares about the quality and safety of their product they also care about what is used to clean and maintain their strollers too. Orbit Baby has a great selection of their very own cleaners for the metal, plastic and fabric of any of their strollers.

The adventures don’t stop with a single purchase of an Orbit Baby stroller. Orbit Baby realizes your needs change as life goes on. Many of the different strollers and car seats are compatible with other Orbit Baby components.

Ergonomics and a Serious Frame Design

G3 luxury stroller frameThe ergonomic handle design will allow you to stroll for long periods of time without getting cramped. The handle bar height is easily adjusted by pushing the buttons on the end of the handle. You can even push the stroller with one hand. This makes travelling through doors a lot easier.

The frame on the Porter G3 is a very innovative design in itself. The Orbit Baby Stroller Base is a unique approach to stroller frame design. There are three recline options for the seat. The front swivel wheels can be locked in place for faster travel and while unlocked will allow to make sharp turns safely. This is the best stroller frame design.


Orbit Baby SmartHub™ Technology

Orbit Baby engineered and designed the patented SmartHub for simplicity, functionality and safety. The SmartHub is simply a docking mechanism unique to the Orbit Baby G3 travel systems. You will know your baby is ready and safe for movement once the SmartHub is securely engaged. A simple rotation of the base and ‘click’ will indicate that the SmartHub has engaged is secure. This technology is the best stroller frame design on the market. This unique design to the Orbit Baby travel systems will allow interchangeability with other Orbit Baby components. While the SmartHub has a 360⁰ display feature it is recommended by Orbit Baby to only travel in a forward or rear facing position.

Stylish Fabric and Prestigious Comfort

Orbit Baby already had a great baby stroller with the G3 but went above and beyond to create a true work of art with the Porter Collection’s fabric design. You’ll enjoy the elegant feel and original flair for craftsmanship the Porter will give. The bold, artfully crafted twill fabric design will satisfy the modern adventurers with a yester-year bold statement. You will treasure the look of the heather grey twill fabric accented by the black leatherette on the interior. So let the adventures begin with this wonderful luxury stroller!

From birth to toddler your baby will find great comfort in strolling along in the Porter Collection G3 baby stroller. The ultra-soft interior upholstery will keep your baby feeling great for the ride with a contemporary feel along with the glamor of the gilded age. The G3 Porter Collection is form and function in balance with prestige.


Safety and Travel

Orbit Baby made the five point harness to grow with your child. From birth to toddler you can adjust the straps to fit almost any child size. Not only is the five point harness safe but it will also keep your baby comfortable too with its soft fabric straps and smooth plastic buckle. A great addition for a luxury stroller.

The brake system is easy to use and color coded too. Simply apply pressure with your foot at the red foot paddle on the rear axle. And to disengage the brake press the green pedal. The best brakes and best stroller frame.

Traveling with your luxury stroller is a breeze. It can be collapsed very easily and transported almost anywhere you need to go with one hand. There is an optional travel bag available for when you need to travel with the stroller as checked baggage. And while you’re traveling you have the ability to secure your infant or baby car seat in most airplane seat or bus seat configurations.

Care, Maintenance and Accessories for Your New Luxury Stroller

Orbit Baby offers their own cleaner, Orbit Baby’s Cream Scrub for cleaning the metal and plastic parts of the stroller. However, you can use soapy water as well to clean these parts too. There is also a specific cleaner for the fabric. The Orbit Baby Upholstery Wash and Orbit Baby Spot Treatment cleaners are available as well. Orbit Baby recommends washing the fabric pieces in a pillow case with cold water on a gentle cycle. Afterwards you should air dry and avoid ironing the fabric.

The many great accessories available are a beautiful sun shade and bassinet. Both sun shade and bassinet are available in the heather grey twill fabric option so you can continue the elegance. A twill cargo basket is available too. You can now store all those extras. And even bring the furry family members along too!

The standard G3 model the car seat base is compatible with the Porter G3 too. The SmartHub makes all this possible. So if you already own a G3 luxury stroller seat base then using it on the Porter G3 is no problem.

Orbit Baby has not only designed a great stroller but one that grows with your family needs too. The Helix Plus Upgrade Kit will allow you to turn your Porter G3 into a dual luxury stroller as well. The G3 Rocker option is great for giving your child some fun while in the luxurious Porter G3.

To Summarize…

You will treasure The limited edition Orbit Baby Porter G3 luxury stroller throughout the stroller’s use. It is truly more than just a luxury stroller it’s a testament to high quality craftsmanship with an old world feel. You’ll enjoy every moment you and your baby are using the luxury stroller. And after owning the Porter Collection G3 for your own baby’s use you’ll want to keep it and stroll other parent’s babies too!


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