Rachel Zoe Quinny Moodd Baby Stroller


Quinny Moodd Rachel Zoe baby stroller

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The Quinny Moodd stroller designed by Rachel Zoe is an exclusively limited edition baby stroller by the renowned fashion designer. Exhibiting Zoe’s love for vintage Hollywood glamour, this baby stroller is created for style to put you in a glamourous state of mind. You’ll feel the prestige from A to Zoe with this unique blend of a robust stroller and fashion elegance. Once you own the Rachel Zoe Moodd you’ll be on everyone’s best dressed list. Combining haute couture for that red carpet moment Rachel Zoe takes vintage inspired fabric evocative of European sensibility to give the Moodd baby stroller a one-of-a-kind look. This stroller is for the parent(s) who are trend-conscious and loves fashion. Rachel Zoe is 2012’s “Most Influential Stylist” award recipient by the Hollywood Reporter so you know you’ll make the “A” list with this stroller.

Frame & Tires

The Quinny Moodd frame and tires are of a high quality design that will last through all your travels. The frame is a robust, tubular design which can handle all road surfaces. Not only is the frame a great, strong design but it’s sleek, stylishness also looks sporty too! And along with the frame the tri-cycle configuration of the wheels and tires are made to handle slow and fast travels. The rear wheels are air inflated so you and your baby will have a smooth ride ahead. Locking the front swivel wheel is a simple as pushing the lock lever down and rotating the wheel till it locks into place. When you wish to release the wheel simply pull up on the lock lever. And the rear wheels can be removed just as easy too.            Push the rear wheel release button to release the wheels for easier storage.

Fabric and Design

Designed with a fashion sensibility this limited edition Rachel Zoe design is sure to make you feel like you’re on the red carpet every time you and your baby go strolling. Be a jetsetter with the vintage luggage leather inspired design on the Rachel Zoe Moodd baby stroller. Tailored with premium cognac leather and oversized gold detailing on a classic black and white fabric design with a yesteryear Hollywood feel the Rachel Zoe is the A to Zoe stroller you and your baby will need from birth to 3 years old! And the style and prestige isn’t just limited to the stroller. There is a highly fashionable diaper bag to go along with the Zoe Moodd baby stroller as well. With its cognac leather straps and many fabric color to choose from it’s sure to accent your Moodd stroller well. Slip pockets and a choice of either a shoulder carry design or backpack style it’s sure to be both an eye pleasing bag as well as a utility bag.

Space, Safety and Travel

The brake found on the Quinny Moodd baby stroller is an easy to use and extremely secure, safe brake. Depress the red pedal to set the brake and when you want to release the brake push the opposite pedal. Setting the brake can be done with a one foot action and releasing the brake is accomplished with one foot as well. The Quinny Moodd baby stroller is an easy to fold and unfold baby stroller. To fold the stroller it is recommended the wheels are locked, the canopy is folded and the handlebar is lowered. Then push up on the release tabs while standing behind the stroller and push the down on the stroller in a forward motion. Once you hear a click you know it’s secure. Then attach the transport strap for a safe travel. And if you need to fit it in a tighter space the wheels can be removed.

Baby Comfort and Fun for Everyone!

Equipped with an adjustable push bar for all to join in the fun of pushing the youngest family member around. The Quinn Moodd baby stroller comes with a two position foot rest for your little one’s comfort. For storage while on the go there is a great shopping basket that securely fits under the seat of the stroller. The seat can be reclined in three forward or three reverse facing positions all with one hand. When the infant car seat adapter is used or the bassinet is used these must be facing the handle bar for safety. For the growing baby there are three positions for the shoulder straps. The restraint system is secured by the shoulder straps and a center crouch strap. Once you hear the click you know the restraint is ready for travel. And to release the restraint push the center button.

Care, Maintenance and Accessories

The fabric pieces on the Moodd are easy to remove for cleaning. Eventually you’ll need to clean the fabric on the Moodd baby stroller. When the time comes it’s a pretty easy task to accomplish. Simply unsnap the seat cushion and remove the harness padding when it’s time to clean the pieces. Quinny recommends the fabric be hand washed cold and then allowed to air dry. Once all pieces are dry then it’s simply snap the seat cover back in place and return the harness padding back on the straps.

Quinny recommends periodically checking the stroller for its general condition. Any major items requiring repair or replacement will need to be addressed to Quinny and not the point of sale. When inspecting the stroller’s overall condition look for loose screws, anything worn or non-functional. Check the fabric pieces for tears and loose stitching. Look over the plastic pieces for broken or worn parts as well. The following items can be replaced by Quinny:

  • Front Wheel Unit
  • Rear Wheels
  • Shopping Basket
  • Car Seat/Bassinet adapter
  • Front Bar
  • Front Bar Insert Plate
  • Canopy
  • Seat Pad
  • Transport Strap
  • Canopy Inserts

Quinny as made a great selection of Moodd baby stroller accessories available. All your additional needs are most likely met by the following great baby stroller accessories:

  • Dreami™ Bassinet
  • Maxi-Cosi Mico® Infant Car Seat
  • Weathershield
  • Parasol
  • Cup Holder
  • Footmuff
  • Travel Bag
  • Storage Box

Multi-model Infant Car Seat Adapter for other manufacturer’s car seats

Quinny has made it easy to order parts and accessories. When its time to order there is a 1-(800) number you need to call.

The Quinny Moodd stroller by Rachel Zoe is a majestic, luxurious stroller by one of the fashion world’s leading designers. After owning this one-of-a-kind stroller you’ll experience the thrill of turning heads wherever you and your baby go.