Rolling Penny Issue #3 – September 21, 2016

Rolling Penny for September 21, 2016

In this Rolling Penny four great options for families looking for a double stroller will be presented. Double the fun. Double the excitement and double the load with a double stroller! Every family should have one of these great versatile strollers. Even if you only have one child now a double stroller has many more practical uses. By owning a double stroller now you can assist other parents with child watching duties. Or if your family is a fast growing family you now can take your baby and toddler in the same stroller. How fun would that be? And even for the family with only one child that extra seat can serve many other purposes too. Now you can take your child’s favorite toys and they’ll be right by their side for the trip. Or you now can take any other extras that wouldn’t fit in the basket. And you can also use it for those last minute grocery items you need. The best part about the Rolling Penny today is most of these strollers are under a $100. A double baby stroller is just not for twins start yourself out right and get a double. You’ll be happy later on.


While it may not be under a $100 the Baby Trend Double Jogger, Millennium stroller is still a bargain for a great stroller. The double jogger comes with a five point harness for both passengers as well as multi-position reclining seats. Lockable wheels allow for a faster pace stroll and the parent tray will give you plenty of room for your water bottles or any other cool beverage. The average Walmart customer gives this stroller 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Walmart’s current web price: $169.97


The J is for Jeep Scout Double Stroller – Lunar Burgundy is a great stroller for under a $100. The Scout is the best stroller for all those changing road surfaces ahead. The 5.5” wheels and suspension will tackle all that you need to roll over. This great stroller comes with a five point safety harness for both passengers and a European-style extendable canopies and sun visors. Great for keeping your little riders protected from the wind and sun. The average Target customers rates this wonderful stroller 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Target’s current web price: $99.99


Amoroso 43483 Black Deluxe Double Stroller is another wonderful option for under a $100 from Sears. This great stroller is made with a beautiful fabric selection. The seats can recline to multiple positions and each passenger is secured with a three point harness. The wheels are 8” and 7” EVA plastic. This great stroller is light and durable. When it’s time to pack and go it folds very easily.

Sears current web price: $94.99

Babies R Us

Delta Children LX Side x Side Stroller – Night Sky is stylish and beautiful stroller for under a $100. You and your babies will love the look and feel of the Night Sky option of this double stroller. Delta Children recommends this double stroller for children up to 35lbs. This double stroller also comes with a big European style canopy and five point safety harness for each rider. When it’s time to pack it in the umbrella fold design makes it an easy to tote and store stroller. The frame is lightweight and there are two storage bags for all those extras. There’s even a parent tray for you too! The average Babies R’ Us rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

Babies R Us current web price: $99.99

Amazon’s offering for the Baby Trend Double Jogger, Millennium is not under a $100 but it’s still a great option for the family looking for diversity and a multi-use stroller. The same stroller as the featured Walmart brand and model only slightly less in price. In addition to the features mentioned in the Walmart write-up there is a jack to plug an Mp3 player into. Amazon customers give this one a five out of five star rating.

Amazon’s current web price: $169.47


(All prices are current as of publication. Availability and actual pricing may vary. Check online at the individual retailers for more details.)