Stroll-Air Cosmos Baby Stroller

Stroll-Air Cosmos Baby Stroller Review

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Stroll-Air wants to be your baby stroller for your child’s journey through the important years of life. Let the Cosmos be your celestial ride from birth to toddler. The Cosmos is a great one solution option for stroller needs. You’ll be amazed at all Stroll-Air has included with the Cosmos single stroller at an economically reasonable investment for you and your child. Stroll-Air is a mother owned company and the Cosmos design was inspired by innovation and a drive to provide the best for you and your baby’s stroller needs. The Cosmos is a fashionable and original design that is highly functional.

Frame & Tires

The tires and frame on the Stroll-Air Cosmos are of a robust design will have your baby strolling on air! The frame is of a lightweight aluminum construction and is yet strong enough to the last stroll. Both front and rear tires are made of hard rubber and will handle most loose surfaces as well as wet road too. The front tires are 8” and the rear are 9”.

Safety and Design

To keep baby safe and secure there is a well-padded 5 point harness which is easy to adjust as your child grows. And to keep your little one from playing with the release it has a padded flap to cover the entire buckle mechanism. Stroll-Air wants you to be prepared and has included many great extras to keep you stylish and organized. The Stroll-Air Cosmos seat is deep and wide seat measuring at 14” wide and 21” high. Your baby will have plenty of room to grow into this stroller. You’ll definitely have times you’ll need more diapers for the road or whatever else you can’t seem to carry. The diaper bag included will be a life saver for those times you can’t carry all you need. The diaper bag comes with a changing pad and sturdy shoulder strap too. There are even hooks to hang it off the stroller. Nats, mosquitoes and bees can be problem. The Stroll-Air Cosmos comes with both a rain shield and mesh net to protect your baby from the hazards of the environment.

Not all parents are the same size and to make the push easier the Stroll-Air Cosmos handle can be adjusted for those of varying height. The handle is also foam covered for comfortable and ergonomic grip. Now even your little helper can push too! Your sleeping baby will love the bassinet included. It’s well-padded and there are even straps so it can be carried away from the stroller when the need arises.

Fun and Comfortable!

Stroll-Air went above and beyond to provide your baby with comfort and fun. Included with the stroller is a cozy footmuff to keep your baby warm and dry when the weather is trying. Comfort is what the Stroll-Air Cosmos is all about. Starting with the adjustable foot rest your baby won’t have to be cramped in their stroller as you can set the foot rest for a roomy ride. The padded bumper bar will give your toddler a place to grip and bang away while they roll and the seat back can be adjusted with a one handed pull on the strap. However, to readjust the seat upright will require two hands to accomplish. For those times when you or your baby might want some air circulating through the head area on the seat can be opened up to a mesh net giving them more air.

Or maybe you want to talk to your bundle of joy as your stroll you can reverse the seat or bassinet to face you as you go. The canopy on the Stroll-Air Cosmos is a great full coverage canopy that can be separated for cleaning and replacement. The canopy also has a mesh net feature for air circulation and it is quite roomy to give your baby plenty of head room.

Care and Maintenance

Periodically you should inspect the stroller frame for looseness and general wear. If for any reason you need to lube something do not use a petroleum based oil instead use CRC food grade silicone spray.

When its time to fold up and go the Stroll-Air Cosmos is a two handed release to fold the stroller up. And is easy to carry at 20 lbs with the toddler seat attached. Seat and wheels can be removed for smaller fits if needed.

For those that live in a hot climate or high humidity area this is the stroller for you. The many open air exposures options will allow your baby to keep cool and happy when the weather demands it. As your baby grows so does the Stroll-Air Cosmos. You’ll be set from birth to toddler age with this stroller. You’ll love all the added extras included. Now you don’t need to buy Stroll-Air Cosmos baby stroller accessories as all you need is included! A great stroller that will have you and your little one strolling on stress-free air.