Summer Infant 3DLite Review – A DLite-ful First Newborn Stroller!

 Summer Infant 3DLite Review – A DLite-ful First Newborn Stroller!

3DLite Convenience Stroller by Summer Infant

Features and benefits

  • Robust aluminum frame design with ample seating area.(Can accommodate children up to 50lbs)
  • Back rest adjustable to four positions as well as a padded 5 point harness.(Added comfort as well as safety for children of most sizes)
  • Anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels made of rubber.(Smoother rides on bumpy surfaces and extra safety on uneven ground that won’t scuff floors)
  • Multi-position canopy with an added flip out sun visor feature.(Great for wind, rain and sunshine days)
  • Large storage basket below seat and a large pocket on the back of the seat.(Carry all your small and large objects as well as any furry friends too!)
  • Improved folding along with a carrying strap as well as a self-locking feature.(The fold action makes it more compact and the carry strap is an added convenience. Also, the lock feature will keep it folded in rigorous handling.)

Something to think about…

  • The baby’s foot rest is made of ply-able rubber

A Great First Newborn Stroller with the Missing Snack Tray!…

When I was looking at this stroller before buying I was shocked to learn there was not a child tray option available. However, being the adventurous, creative-type that I am I was able to find an off the shelf and easy alternative to installing a child tray. The bumper bar and child snack tray options are easy to install and as an added safety measure you can use Velcro tie-wraps that are no problem to remove so you can collapse the stroller. Also, the handles measure at 40” which comfortable for most. I’m 6’ and found it to be great. In conclusion the box is directly from the manufacturer. Also, the shipping weight is approximately 16lbs and 2 oz. The size of the box is a hefty 41”X8.5”X10.375” and easily fits in the trunk or back seat of a car. Check with your shipper for rates based off these dimensions.

Bumper bar attachement  
Child Tray Summer Infant
With child snack tray option

bumper bar and child tray options.

Update: December 7, 2017

3DLite accessories coming soon…