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Bumbleride Indie 4 Are you looking for the best baby stroller or the best baby travel system on the market? Then the Bumbleride Indie 4 is a great option.

Bumbleride’s Indie 4 baby stroller is designed not only for your everyday use but it is made to handle the unexpected.

As the story goes you may have purchased a stroller or buggy that gets you by but there are times when it doesn’t quite handle what life and the road throw at you. Bumbleride has a solution that can tackle those unexpected instances and handle them beautifully.

You’ll leave the house with your little one knowing no matter what you face in the world the Indie 4 will adapt and overcome all obstacles. Except carry the groceries in for you by itself!

Many features on the Indie 4 are designed for the active parent and baby on the go. A sturdy frame and suspension system will make the travel of any course an easy one.

The included accessories make going in the car a snap. And there are plenty of additional accessories available to suit your needs.

You’ll love the convenience of transporting and storing the Indie 4 with it’s easy to collapse feature and ease of carrying its lightweight design. All of this makes it easy to store in almost any back seat.

The many safety features on the Bumbleride Indie 4 will give you peace of mind that no matter what the road ahead your baby will be secure and safe.

Not only is it designed for the unexpected but the Bumbleride Indie 4 is available in many different color configurations to suit you and your baby’s tastes.

Once you purchase the Indie 4 not only are you buying an exceptional baby travel system you’re also getting Bumbleride’s exceptional support staff to help with whatever issues you may experience with your new baby stroller.

And once it’s time to sale or give it away you’ll have no trouble doing so as the Bumbleride is a highly regarded brand that everyone wants to own.

A great stroller. Wonderful staff and a highly regarded brand will give you peace of mind when making this purchase. Not only are you getting a baby travel system that will grow with your little one but you’re getting intrinsic value that is unmatched. In the following paragraphs you’ll see how the Bumbleride Indie 4 is the right stroller for you and your family.

There’s More Riding on Your Tires

With a robust aluminum frame design and an equally robust suspension the Bumbleride Indie 4 can take a lot and keep on rolling. This stroller comes with 8.5” wheels in the front and 12” wheels in the rear. The four wheel arrangement will handle the dips and angles of any surface and the swivel design of the front wheels will allow you to turn sharply for those tight bends. You can handle any road surface smoothly and easily with these air filled tires. This will let your baby sleep and undisturbed for the long haul. This is probably the most popular feature among parents.

The wheel system and suspension on the Indie 4 makes getting over those high and low spots effortless. No sudden jerking or bouncing while going through that next door or getting up those small steps. And if you live in a snow region or encounter many dirt paths in your travels the treads on the tires will grip and keep the wheels moving safely. You’ll feel and know you’re in control as you travel the road ahead.

Designed with a stylish three spoke configuration these wheels will last!

Eco Friendly Fabric and Design

The fabric found on the Bumbleride Indie 4 stroller meets the Oeko-Tex Standard. What does this mean? Simply put the fabric meets the standards set forth by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology. The fabric on the Indie 4 exceeds the basic requirements. In all phases of the manufacturing of these fabrics the processes as well as the materials have been made safe for both the environment as well as your baby. The fabric manufacturer used recycled polyester (rPET post-consumer water bottles) and is Bluesign System certified as well. More information on this can be found on the Bumbleride website.

Once you start moving with the Bumbleride Indie 4 stroller you’ll immediately get a good sense of the high quality and robust design of the stroller frame. Made from aluminum the frame is both strong and light which makes it easy to move as well as looking great too.

Not only is the fabric and the manufacturing process of the fabric environmentally friendly but the whole manufacturing of the stroller is too. Bumbleride constantly looks for manufacturers that share their concern for the environment that work to save energy, conserve water and reduce pollution in landfills.

Space, Safety and Travel

Another of the great features of the Indie 4 is how it functions while in use and while it is not being used. The stroller itself only weighs 22lbs which makes handling it wonderful. Getting in and out of the car with one hand is easy. And once folded it has a foot print of 29”X25”X15”. Need to store it in an upright position? No problem. The design also allows for this option.

The Indie 4 comes with an adjustable, padded five-point harness to keep the little one safe for the changing road. And its complexity will make it hard to release for later as your baby develops and begins to play with things. The canopy comes with an SPF 45 screen to keep your baby protected from harmful UV rays for the whole trip. The four wheel configuration will give you peace of mind and your baby comfort as it navigates the ever changing road. And while you are walking at a fast pace you can lock the front wheels for stability.

The Indie 4 also comes with a large sized cargo basket for storing all your extras. The brake actuation on the Indie 4 is a simple one foot operation at the center of the rear axle.

Baby Comfort and Fun for Everyone!

The bassinet bundle option is great for new born to toddlers. This is an ideal long term solution. And for a sleeping newborn you can lay the back rest flat as well. The adjustable backrest, footrest and padded handle are wonderful for creating any desired position. These positions allow for a sleeping baby to one ready to see the world. And the adjustable handle is great for adults of all statures as well as little helpers that like to push too!

Care, Maintenance and Accessories

The tires on the Indie 4 are an inner tube design. You use a bike pump to add air to the tires. Bumbleride recommends an air pressure of 25 to 35psig(Bike pump not included). It is easy to remove the Bumbleride’s fabric pieces for cleaning. Bumbleride suggests only cold water wash on a gentle cycle and to let the pieces air dry. And they recommend not to iron any of the fabric pieces too.

There are many great accessories for the Bumbleride Indie 4 stroller. It comes standard with the Indie 4 frame, two 12” rear wheels and two 8” front wheels, padded bumper bar, car seat adapter bar & safety strap, SPF 45 sun canopy and a rear axle. In order to get the bassinet you must order the Indie 4 + Bassinet Bundle option. A safety strap and cup holder come with the stroller too. Included are all the tools you will need for assembly. But the fun doesn’t end there.

Bumbleride has a fantastic assortment of extras that you can purchase made exclusively for the Indie 4. There’s a snack pack tray that attaches to the padded bumper for holding that juice pouch or snack cup. And to keep your baby extra toasty in cold weather there’s the footmuff and liner for the bassinet.

If you find the extra storage below too low or awkward to use for everything you bring on your stroll there is parent pack that attaches nicely to the handle so you can store more things at an easier distance than the lower storage basket. There’s a diaper bag great for those long strolls away from home. The mini board will give your toddler a place to rest their feet. Bumbleride has made a great bag to store your collapsed stroller in. This is ideal for bus or plane rides. And if you experience heavy rain in your area there is a wonderful non-PVC rain cover available. There is a Maxi Cosi & Cybex car seat adapter available too. You can find all these wonderful accessories on the Bumbleride website. And you can learn more here too!


The Bumbleride Indie 4 baby travel system is a great long term investment. Made to handle all your unexpected baby motion needs. The Bumbleride Indie 4 will never leave you unprepared.

Whether it’s the stroller itself or from the great support you’ll receive from Bumbleride. Once you register your stroller you’ll gain exceptional customer service. Service committed to you and your baby’s happiness while on the go. You’re not only buying a high quality vehicle for you and your most important family member. You’re also acquiring Bumbleride’s commitment to your satisfaction and your child’s wellbeing. From the design stage to that last call you make to their customer service Bumbleride wants to make you smile. Responsible design, eco conscious and safe manufacturing processes make Bumbleride a winning option.

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