April 12, 2017 Featured Blogs & Websites

Rolling Baby.com Featured Blogs & Websites for April 12, 2017

In this first installment of the Rolling Baby.com featured websites & blogs there are many great resources available in the below links.

There is a wide variety of information available from the best baby learning toys to children’s games and books.

You’ll also find many useful articles covering children’s health and well being too.

And April is National Child Abuse Prevention month.


Dr. Toy

Dr. Toy

Parents will find much useful and practical information about children’s toys and games on the Dr. Toy website. In addition to the toys and games themselves, Dr. Toy also provides useful information as to how these products can help your child’s development. Dr. Toy is Dr. Stevanne Auerbach and is recognized as a leading expert on children’s toys and products.

Seeme & Liz


Speech and language development is important for your child’s learning. The Seeme & Liz website intends to inspire all those involved in a child’s development to understand the importance of play and the toys selected.


Red Tricycle

Stronger relationships are built when families do things together. On the Red Tricycle website there is much information on fun activities that families can do which will build better bonds. Each activity has been scrutinized for enjoyment and practicality so there’s no need to worry if you and your family can participate.



Mom’s Stroller Reviews

After an extensive search for her own stroller solution, Susan the creator of Mom’s Stroller Reviews, decided to share her knowledge on this important topic. Mom’s Stroller Review gathers the most update information on a wide variety of stroller options to fit whatever your families needs may be.


Kars 4 Kids

Kars 4 Kids is a non-profit charity who seeks to educate and provide youth programs for children in addition to a mentoring program. The funding for this charity comes from used car donations and they have taken over 450,000 cars which has allowed them to fund their programs by over $100 million! The blog is full of well written and educational articles related to the work Kars 4 Kids accomplishes as well as child health and education topics.


The mission of healthychildren.org is to provide the best physical, mental and social health awareness for all ages of children. On the blog you’ll find many great resources to help you care for your younger loved ones.


Healthy Child Healthy World

The founders of Healthy Child Healthy World, James and Nancy Chuda, formed the charity after losing their child to a rare, non-genetic form of cancer. The goal of the Healthy Child Healthy World blog is to educate the public on the dangers and hazards children face from environmental threats. Many of the articles are meant to bring awareness to change needed in policies and thinking to protect the environment for children and the world.

Geek Wrapped

The Geek Wrapped blog is a wonderful place for all to learn about many great science toys and books for children. A telescope buying guide and a journey through learning about our cognitive biases are just some examples that can be currently found on the blog.





The Educational-Toy-Guide.com blog on Educational-Toy-Guide is meant to keep you in the know on the website. You can sign up to receive alerts when something new is added and inform you when something unique and interesting comes along. Many of the articles highlight great child learning toys to help your child develop.


Dinosaur Physical Therapy

Dinosaur Physical Therapy is a pediatric practice based in Washington DC by Dr. Rebecca Talmud, PT, DPT. On the blog for Dinosaur Physical Therapy are many useful articles about teaching children basic motor skill function as well as toys which aid in a child’s sensor development.