Who Makes the Best Car Seat Toys?

Who Makes the Best car seat toys?


Toe TIme car seat toy

Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Toy

Features and Benefits

  • Three hanging, colorful toys(Plenty of character and fun in these three!)
  • Music plays while lighting up(Sensory stimulating)
  • Batteries included(Out of the box and ready for fun!)



Something to think about…

  • Check your baby’s reach while in the car seat you intend to use this for

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Traveling with Your Best Car Seat Toys

Often the need and desire arises to travel with your baby. So what do most parents do? They load up on all the baby gear they’re going need. And depending on their child’s age they may bring diapers or a change of clothes. Blankets can be a necessity too. There’s also the need for formula and bottles. Oh and you can’t forget the pacifier too. While all these items are more for your newborn or infant age children you’ll probably have different needs for your older babies too.

One item that is pretty universal across all ages is the highly important, and the best car seat toys. Whether your baby is a highly observant infant or just breaking the toddler age you’re sure to need to bring along their favorite entertainment. But you may be wondering what to bring? You obviously don’t want to bring their entire toy chest along for the trip! So gathered here is some ideas and things to think about when you decide to take that baby gadget for the journey ahead.

Where are we going?

You can’t get there if you don’t know where “there” is right? Knowing where you’ll be can be important in deciding what the best car seat toys to bring is. Going over to a close friend’s house for a bit probably will not be so much of a bother bringing along that loud, zany toy with all the bells a whistles. However, that same toy might be a distraction or nuisance in another setting. Going to a wedding or funeral your best bet is to leave the high action toys at home and maybe just bring something that’s fun to look at or is a static object such as a stuffed animal or doll. If you’ll be moving quickly through a public place and can’t be slowed down then you might want to reconsider bringing anything with a lot of pieces. Toys flying and parts getting lost can end the party quick while you’re on the go through the mall or trying to get to the next plane at the terminal. Here again minimal is probably your best option for that great, wonderful and must have best car seat toy!

Losing your child’s best car seat toy can be a headache too. If that great toy is an expensive one then taking it on the public bus could spell disaster or forgetting it at the hamburger joint can result in a costly lapse of judgement. To the best of my knowledge there is no insurance policy to cover lost toys on the go! Toy size can be critical too. A large toy that travels well in the car may get in the way while you’re trying to order at that high end restaurant you’ve been waiting to eat at for some time now. So choose wisely keep it compact.

How much is enough?

Getting your child involved in deciding how much to bring can be problematic. Like most kids excess is not in their vocabulary. As the adult it is your responsibility then to make those hard choices. Such as how much is enough? Luckily you know it’s not the end of world if your child can’t have their favorite sing-along light show toy when you go to that quick, important meeting. But while the song dance may not be a great idea their cute furry bear would be just right. The long trip to your parent’s place across country may be burdensome with all 24 of your kid’s stuffed animal collection in tow. So then the light show wizzy-what makes perfect sence. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough batteries. Your child would probably not be happy if their wizzy-what fizzled on that boring plane ride.

Now you have the wizzy-what with you but do you bring along more? Is the wizzy-what going to give you problems if you need to take care of travel business? Such as presenting ID’s or tickets. Also consideration for the travel space should be in the back of your mind. If your kid decides to break out all the toys at once and throw a party is it going to create havoc trying to collect it all while you’re on the go? Bringing a million fun toys may keep your baby quite but is it practical when only a few would do?

Who else might be there?

As mentioned before the setting and others around you and your baby need to be considered before you go. Some toys are good for certain places while they may create problems in other areas. Your baby’s wizzy-what may be the thing to keep your child going but will it have a captivating audience at that important luncheon? Baby toys are great fun for the little one but in certain instances it could be an unwanted distraction. You never know how a stranger may feel about the sing-along your child is enjoying. They may be having a bad day and the happy tune coming from the wizzy-what may just set them off. Cell phones have drastically changed the public setting. Now multiple conversations occur very randomly but a loud, noisy toy is easy to escape with a handset yet some may still feel agitated.

Traveling long distances is stressful. Your baby may laugh and giggle at the catchy jingle but the person next to you on the plane may be tired and just want some rest. Pets can be a factor too. The wizzy-what startles the pooch next to you which causes Fido to start yapping and in turn the people around you now feel violated and you and Fido feel the ire of an uncomfortable crowd. Or maybe there will be other children there. Kid’s like to share and play. If the wizzy-what could cause issues in a group of children wouldn’t you rather leave it at home than deal with the commotion? It’s really quite simple.

A little consideration will go a long way and help avoid any unwanted circumstances with others. Keeping your child entertained can be fun for them and still respect the public space with a little forethought about as to what setting you’ll be in.

What should I bring?

Now comes the ever important “what”. What to bring can make or break the trip you are taking. So the “what” can be best answered by the kind of trip you need to keep your baby preoccupied while you get things done.

And knowing your space and time limitations can be important in what you can realistically bring along. I think the best approach is to think practical here. For example, a camping trip might be great for a squeak toy but terrible for a toy that requires batteries or recharging. Maybe leaving those at home is a better idea. And speaking of batteries and recharging. If you’re going for a long trip on a bus or plane for example, do you have enough power to last the duration of the trip without recharging? Or did you remember to bring the spare batteries? I know batteries in airport terminals are outrageously expensive. Making the choice of food or batteries is not a pleasant decision to make! Size and space are always factor when deciding what toys to bring.

Your child’s 6 foot wizzy-what might not fit in that overhead bin or might create a ruckus while others are trying to relax. Then on the opposite end of the spectrum your child may lose interest in their favorite doll while traveling and begin to create more dilemmas. Overall your safe bet is probably leave the music playing, flashing light show toys at home if traveling through a lot of public spaces and bring the stuff your baby loves that won’t impact those around you. Unless your child is practicing to be the next Super Bowl MVP QB and love to launch that dolly across the room! Then you might want to bench any potential projectile launches and avoid an international incident. So overall just be safe.

The last toy on the list…

Toys are fun for your little one and can be an aid for you to get the trip done without creating mayhem along the way. But taking the time to think about what to bring and how much can make the process much easier when deciding on the best car seat toys for that car trip to Grandma’s place. But overall safety should also be in the back of your mind too. Now you have your wheels spinning about all the important factors to consider before you load up with your child’s favorite wizzy-what and go have fun!


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