Five Things To Consider Before Making That Baby Stroller Purchase

Five Things to Consider...


Five Things to Consider Before Buying A Baby Travel System or Baby Stroller

By M. Cicchiello

Making the important purchase of a baby travel system can be critical. After all you’ll most likely have it for a year or two and need to take it to many different places. Thinking how it will fit in your life and your new family member’s life can make your purchase a practical one. Hopefully this article will help you find the best baby stroller or travel system for you.


While the warranty maybe the last thing on your mind when shopping for a new stroller for your new family member it can save you a hassle in the future if you know a little about the coverage a warranty provides. Some warranties require that you register your product before they will cover any claims. So once you get it, it is probably wise to register your new travel system. Most warranties cover defects and workmanship only. For example you’ve had your stroller for a month or two and all of a sudden the stitching starts to unravel. Or the mechanism that retains the tire in its groove keeps letting the tire loose. In cases like this it may be best to first contact the manufacturer after you’ve had the stroller over thirty days. And if you registered it immediately after purchase you’ve eliminated one headache to deal with when it breaks.

Reselling Your Stroller 

When your little one isn’t so little anymore and your stroller hardly gets used you may be deciding how to get rid of it. Give it to someone else expecting? Or maybe you’ve thought about reselling it. If you’re planning this ahead then you might want to save that box and packaging to make the process easier. There are many great options for selling the stroller. Selling to friends and family are the best ways. However, there are some good options on the internet too. is similar to Craigslist in that you post it and sell it local. Craigslist is always a good option and lastly ebay and are available too. Setting your price will depend on how well you took care of the stroller and/or how fast you want to get rid of it.

How It Will Be Used

When you are deciding on which travel system to get, thinking about how it’s going to fit into your daily life and that of your child’s can be less of a burden in the long run. Will you be taking it with you to the store often? If so maybe you’ll want a system with extra storage. Do you have younger children who like to help push? Then a stroller with a wider variety handle height may be your best option. If you will be unloading and loading your stroller in a vehicle then a light, one handed collapsible stroller may be right for you. And then there’s opening and closing doors while pushing with a stroller. Having one that allows ease of setting and releasing a hand brake may make the operation as smooth as possible. Wheel diameter can be very important if have to roll over irregular terrain. The larger the wheel the easier it’ll be getting over those sudden bumps and door sills. Another small tidbit that you might’ve not thought about is the ability to safely attach toys to the stroller for your child. This may also help preoccupy the twiddlers.

Ease of Travel 

Like a lot of parents you’ll probably have a travel system for a few years. And like most adults you’ll most likely need or want to travel. Thinking ahead as to how you’ll travel with your stroller can make life easier. Are you planning a vacation? Then maybe you should consider one that will be easy to transport at the airport. And while at the airport you will need to check it in. Researching your airline’s policy beforehand will definitely make this part of your travel easier. Taking your stroller on a bus? You’ll want to find out ahead of time what your carrier recommends and their policy. The weight of a stroller can vary greatly depending on its complexity. Carrying a thirty pound stroller and your child up a flight of stairs can be tiring and unsafe. For these circumstances maybe you have a smaller stroller for light travel and a jogger stroller for other occasions. Having multiple strollers maybe your only option or changing style and type as your needs change may work too.

Your Child’s Comfort and Safety

While the price may be right, is the design right too? If you’ve got a good feel for your child’s personality you may be able to make a better choice as to whether the travel system you’ve picked out is safe and comfortable for your little one. Does your child like to fiddle with things? If so, maybe you should consider one with a little more complexity to unlatch the restraint. Some require more pressure and thought than others to release. Or is your child very active when trying to sit still? Then a stroller with less opportunity for them getting caught or tangled in the padding may be a better option. Face the world or face you? Some stroller systems allow you show baby to the world or you when on the go. Most strollers use a small five point style harness. Paying close attention to the design and how your baby will fit in it is important. Getting a feel for how easy or hard it is to release the restraint should be considered. Maybe it’s not important now but as your child grows will they be able to easily release the harness?


Being aware of your changing needs and your options will help to ensure peace of mind while traveling with your little darling. And while this list is not all inclusive about all the things you may want to consider before making the important purchase of a baby travel system maybe it’ll get you thinking how you will travel and live with your stroller for the long haul.

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