Baby Trend’s EZ Ride 5

EZ Ride 5 Car Seat Combo Travel System by Baby Trend item# TS40949

The EZ Ride 5 is a great car seat stroller in one option on the market today. When parents are looking for the best stroller option this all in one car seat stroller combo is chosen by most Amazon customers. And for good reason too. Read below to see how this extraordinary car seat combo is just the solution for your growing crew!

Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Car Seat Combo Travel System
EZ Ride 5
Car seat combo stroller
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Features and benefits

2 color styles

The two colors available are

Car seat = 5 – 30lbs, up to 30” height

This car seat combo stroller is great for a family in constant change

Comfortable head support for car seat or stroller

No need to worry about your newborn’s head position

Multi-position recline seat, adjustable handlebar

Great for when your baby wants to nap while strolling

Innovative one handed fold design

Easy on the go travel

Shipping Box

Weight = 36lbs, Dimensions = 35”X24”X42”

Should fit in most passenger cars back seat or trunk

Something to think about…

Your child’s sitting height.

A Great Way to Go…

In conclusion, after owning this stroller and experiencing the satisfaction it will bring you will tell all new parents you meet it is the best car seat combo for every need they may have.