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The Graco Verb Click Connect stroller is a great stroller for a growing family that is sure to be with you for many years. Many Graco Click Connect stroller reviews provide a wealth of information on this exceptional stroller but the review that will follow will attempt to maybe add some more depth to what you already know. Many stroller brands offer an adequate options but the Click Connect offers a great car seat from Graco too. The patented Click Connect technology makes traveling with your infant car seat travel hassle free and safe. The one-hand, self-standing fold action makes stowing or carrying the Verb convenient as well and the large stroller storage space makes taking along all you need easy and convenient too. Also in this review you’ll find some Graco stroller parts available from Graco as well as Amazon.

 Features and Benefits

Styles and Colors

The Graco Verb comes in three unique styles and colors. If the color green fits you and your little rider then you’ll love the Fern style or the cool feel of the Sapphire style may be best for you if blue is your color and the Chili Red Verb will turn heads with its beauty and elegance.

Accepts all GRACO Click Connect car seats

The Verb is a very versatile stroller in that it will allow attachment of all of the Graco Click Connect car seats available.

Locking front swivel wheels

When you need to move fast or need more maneuverability the front wheels both swivel and can be locked in place.

Self-standing fold

The Verb is a great stroller both while occupied and when you need to put it away. Once folded this amazing stroller will stand up right on its own and give you more space.

Weighs less than 20 pounds

Carrying the Verb or lugging it in the car will be easy as it only weighs 20lbs. Those stairs you need to climb won’t be as difficult now.

Innovative suspension design

The front suspension design is a robust innovation that will keep you moving and your baby comfortable for the road ahead.

Large storage basket

The storage basket on the Verb has plenty of room for all the extras you may need. Grocery shopping or carrying the diaper bag is now easier than ever.

Something to think about…

The width of the stroller

Once folded the Verb doesn’t collapse in. The width while in use is the same as when it is folded. You may want to consider this for the closet or car.

In conclusion…

After looking at many stroller brands available I hope you’ll find this single stroller to your liking and after reading all the wonderful Graco Click Connect stroller reviews on the web this one helps you make the best choice for you and your new family. With many wonderful extras such as the peek-a-boo window on the canopy or locking front-swivel wheels the Graco Verb Click Connect is an ideal option and not a large stroller to carry around. Not only are you buying a sleek and stylishly designed stroller but you’ll get Graco’s great customer service too with ordering options for Graco stroller parts and many car seats by Graco. Purchase your Verb today and see why many parents rate this exceptional stroller so highly.

An article on, 

“The Wondrous Rolling Stroller Journey Ahead…”

There’s a lot of great information on the web about the different tires used on most strollers but there’s very little information about the axles the wheels spin on. This item is very critical in my opinion because this were most issues arise and have some searching for stroller replacement wheels. A robust wheel design and the axle that supports it will determine how much use it can take and ultimately how long it will last. If you know a little about wheel design then you’ll know how best to use your stroller and its limitations. So I would like to explore the variation in design of the wheel and axle and hopefully excite some thought before you make that important purchase. Because making an informed decision may prevent you from needing to search for stroller replacement wheels yourself.

Small Rubber Casters

This wheel and axle design is primarily used for heavy load and heavy use. The best example I can think of is the average shopping cart or a large rollout toolbox. Not only do these wheels roll but they also turn on a dime for quick turns down the shopping isle or around tools on the garage floor. All of this though is assuming the wheel is spinning at a low speed. They are definitely not a good wheel for rolling your baby around. The sudden sharp turns at a brisk walking pace would probably be uncomfortable for your baby and even could cause them to tip out of the stroller.

But the main design feature that allows a caster to take so much weight is mainly the axle design. Most casters themselves are constructed with two bushing type roller bearings that are assembled with a bearing grease inside. Then the bearings and wheel assembly is supported by a bolt and nut assembly. Sometimes this bolt has a fitting to allow for lube to extend the life of the wheel. Later a I’ll discuss the jogger’s wheel and how its assembly is similar to this design. However, the jogger wheel is mainly for speed and not heavy weight applications.

Standard Stroller Wheels

When I first look at stroller’s wheels I like to give it what I call, the “wobble test”. I basically see how much play is felt when I try to move the wheel on its axle. What does this tell me? It really is a good indicator as to how much use this wheel design can take. It’ll tell if it’s good for fast paced walking, uneven surfaces and general banging around before it fails. A lot of play on the axle most likely means the wheel is not going to take a whole lot of different terrain or speeds before it starts to fail. A wobbly wheel is probably best for low speeds and primarily indoor use.

Comparing two different style of standard stroller wheels, the Graco Verb Click Connect and a low cost, low end stroller, you’ll see a great example of my point.

Graco Verb replacement wheels
Graco’s Verb wheel and a generic wheel







Graco’s design is definitely a robust, durable wheel meant to last. The tire is a no flat plastic rubber tire at an impressive eight inches, fitted on a tough, three spoke wheel supported by a spring suspension bolt and button nut design. I found it pretty impressive for a stroller. This wheel can take a lot. It’ll roll over uneven terrain and handle that initial bump often experienced while going up stairs or a small step. However, a caveat about this wheel and stroller in general would be you would not want to treat this like a shopping cart. I think we’re so used to pushing a cart around that if we’re not cognizant of it we can tend to be as rough on a stroller too. At least for me this is the case. So I need to remind myself that this is not a grocery store shopping and I need to take it a little easier on the pushing. And the same goes double for the lower cost stroller. It basically has a smaller, six inch wheel that is attached with a rivet that is swaged on one end. It rolls very lose and definitely has wobble. But still if you’re mindful of this fact and take it easy it too can last for a good while. But it’s probably not best to use on uneven, lose surfaces regularly.

Jogger Stroller Wheels

And last but definitely not least is the highly complex jogger wheel. The design of most jogger wheel and axle is similar to that found on most bicycles. The axle is comprised of a machined hub supported by a ball bearing assembly that is held in place by a conical end piece all put together snugly with washers and nut. This probably one reason this type of stroller is so costly. But yet it is definitely going to last a long time and take a lot.

The jogger axle is one that you can push this like a shopping cart without worry. The tires are usually inflated and can withstand much shock absorption. However, the maintenance required for these wheels is heavy compared to the standard stroller wheel. Inner tubes and tires are the biggest cost. Fortunately you shouldn’t have to do much maintenance or repair to this axle design. As it is meant to stay assembled and should contain plenty of grease for its entire service life.

This wheel and axle design is usually found in a tricycle configuration on most jogger strollers with the front wheel a swivel design. And the wheels themselves are typically 12” or larger with a spoke design. Knowing how to adjust bicycle spokes will go a long way with this type of wheel assembly.

Keep on Rolling!

A stroller’s wheels are probably the most critical item when you’re considering durability and functionality for your purchase. While a caster wheel may carry the load it might not be the best thing for carrying your precious load. However, knowing a little about the caster should help in judging your next stroller’s wheel and axle arrangement. Because not all wheels are created equal.

The standard and particularly the Graco Verb’s wheel and axle are a great example of the both the functionality and design of a wheel that will not only get you and your baby there but do it comfortably and safely.

Finally the jogger wheel is the best wheel for a serious stroll. Go from a light jog to a brisk walk then to a slow pace over most any terrain the world may offer. The jogger axle is definitely for the wanderlust family.

Where to get new wheels

Here are some helpful contact and website information for most of the popular brand name strollers:

Graco – or phone (800)345-4109

Uppa – or phone (844)823-3132

Joovy – or phone toll free (877)456-5049

Chicco –  or call toll free to (877)424-4226

Kolcraft –  call (800)453-7673