Ten Great Baby Stroller Accessories!


Baby Stroller Accessories

During the course of owning and using your baby stroller you’ll encounter times and circumstances where you would like it to function in more ways than moving your little loved one around. You need some fun baby stroller accessories!

While strolling you may have brought more than you anticipated. Where to put it all?

Or maybe you have a couple of bags you need to bring but no way to fit them on the stroller. What do you do?

Some parts of the country have a large amount of bugs in the summer months or frequent rain spells. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for a swarm of insects or that sudden, out of the blue rain shower.

Most everyone needs their cellphone now days. It can be difficult pushing a stroller and texting. What can you do then?

Your baby finds the long strolls boring. How do you keep them preoccupied for the trip?

It’s early in the morning and you’ve just got to have that latte. Where do you put it while you’re walking with your baby?

And for those sudden rain showers you need to stay dry too, right? How can you keep moving with an umbrella while pushing a stroller?

And finally you like to take your baby for a dusk stroll to the neighbors down the street. But you have to cross a couple of streets and you’re worried drivers may not see you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have lights like a bike or car?

There are many great baby stroller accessories you can get that will make you and your baby’s travel a little more fun and solve all these daily dilemmas.

Getting Organized



Stroller Organizer.It happens to you all the time. You leave your house with your baby and stroller and need to take more with you than the stroller and you can handle. So you’re forced to leave that book or maybe those extra diapers behind and hope for the best. Or maybe you attempt to carry it all while pushing the stroller in an awkward way. What you really need is a way to stay organized with all your extras. The Universal Fit Stroller Organizer by Ethan & Emma is a great solution for all your storage needs while out on a stroll. This organizer is great for Baby Joggers and other strollers as well.

You’re Hooked



MONSTAR Stroller HooksOk once again you’re finding that you need to take more with you than your stroller can accommodate. However, this time you’re a little better prepared because now you’ve got all that you’ll need packed in bags. But you have nowhere to put them while you are on the go with your stroller. You could try and carry it all on your shoulders but you risk the bags falling off and possibly on your baby. That wouldn’t be good. Thankfully there’s a wonderful solution. The Monstar Stroller Clips will allow you to carry most bags, purses or any other item you can think of from clips that are velcroed to the handle frame of the stroller. And you won’t need to worry about your bags being snatched off the hooks in public as they clip the bag handles in place.

Baby In, Bugs Out

Jolly Jumper


You and your little one are strolling around the neighborhood. It’s summer. It’s nice out. The sun is shining and the air feels good. But you and your baby are not the only ones enjoying Mother Nature. Those nats are not only annoying you but they are not making your baby any more comfortable than you. That bee that keeps buzzing around has you worried for your child’s life and you really don’t like mosquitos making a meal out of you or your little one. You can just spray bug repellant on no problem but you want something less toxic for your baby.

The Jolly Jumper Solar Safe Net is a great way to keep those flying pests away from baby while everyone enjoys the nice weather. Not only will the Jolly Jumper keep the bugs off but it also provides 85% UV protection. It comes with a self-storage pouch and fits most strollers. It won’t obstruct your view of your baby and they will still be able to enjoy the scenery!

Rain, Rain Go Away

J is for Jeep Weather Shield


It’s that time of year again. The weather is wet, cold or blowing and you need to get somewhere with your baby in tow. You have to use your stroller but you don’t like exposing your little one to the weather. The J is for Jeep Deluxe Stroller Weather Shield is your answer to all the nasty weather you may encounter. The two zipper sides will keep your baby well ventilated and will allow you to keep a watchful eye on your child while the weather is doing its thing. It’s great for blocking wind, snow, rain and the cold. The weather shield is made from plastic and can accommodate a wide variety of stroller configurations. Included is a storage bag as well.

Cool Baby

Clip on fan.


It’s hot and humid. You and your baby are at the park or standing on the side of the street during a parade. There isn’t much wind blowing and your baby is not happy about the heat. A Dreambaby Stroller Fan is just right for those times you have your stroller but are not moving with it and need to keep your baby cool. No need to worry about your baby’s digits getting caught by the fan blades as they are made of soft foam. A flexible neck and sturdy clip make it a versatile fan that can be used on more than the stroller. And not only will it keep your child cool but entertained too! The multicolored fan blades will add some excitement to the experience. All it needs is two AA batteries for the fun to begin!

Cellphone Hotline Solution

Cell Phone Holder


You know when that phone blings it can only mean one thing. But you’re busy pushing the baby stroller to answer it. Or you’d like to text while you’re strolling but you can’t. Well the Innoo Tech Mount Phone Holder is just right for holding your phone while you push. The robust design will fit nicely on most baby strollers and keep your phone protected. The cradle will hold almost any phone that is up to 4” wide. Compatible with most iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, HTC, LG, Lumia, GPS Unit models.

Fun Stroller Toys

Stroller Toys


Your baby is beginning to mature and is more aware of their surrounding world. The stroller ride is becoming lame for them. You know they need some excitement to pass the time while you chauffeur them around in the lap of luxury. Infantino Tag Along Travel Pals are just the type of play friends your baby needs to keep the fun going on those long strolls. The characters are colorful. Fun. And won’t be a bad influence on your baby. So you can let them provide the entertainment while you focus on the road. These little animals are safe for baby to grab, chew and even strike up a conversation with!

Strollin’ With Your Java

Cup Holder


You’re out and about again and you just strolled past the neighborhood coffee shop. You want your morning caffeine fix but you’ve got your baby and stroller with nowhere to put your drink. Its depressing you. You don’t know what to do. What you need for next time is a TwoSquare Baby Stroller Cup Holder. You can move this great cup holder to most any position you need to keep your beverage safe and secure while you’re on the go.

Who’s Got Ya Covered?

Umbrella Bar


As it rains, you’re getting all wet but your baby is safe, dry and snug under their stroller canopy. You know you should’ve brought an umbrella but it’s not easy to drive and hold one at the same time. What you need is a New Useful Baby Pram Bicycle Stroller Chair Umbrella Bar Holder. This great device can attach securely to most types of stroller handles and accept most umbrella handle designs. So now you can bring that umbrella when you know you’re going to need it and stay dry while you drive the stroller.

Buggy After Dark

Baby stroller lightsAmber baby stroller lights



You’ve gone to a friend’s house down the street and have lost track of time. When it’s time to head home it’s starting to get dark and you don’t like pushing your stroller in reduced visibility. Buggy Lights are great for making that late trip home safe. The lights require two CR2032 batteries which you can attach to any part of the frame without causing damage. You can arrange them in any way you desire. And for added visibility you can get a couple of amber lights to illuminate the stroller from the rear.


So there you have it. Some great ways to make those buggy trips a little less buggy! Your stroller does its job great but sometimes you need a little extra to make the job easier. Hopefully these great baby stroller accessories will help!